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Benefits & Preventions

Who Benefits from Career Guidance and Counselling Programs?
Everyone benefits--youth and adults, male and female, disabled, disadvantaged, minorities, limited English proficient, incarcerated, dropouts, single parents, displaced homemakers, teachers, administrators, parents and employers.

Here's how 'Career Counselling' can help stop student from depression,frustration,low confidence, and last but not the least suicide in India:
1) It helps in providing the right career choice for a person
2) Students who may not fit in the traditional career options will get to know of more options
3) It helps to evaluate strengths, abilities, and interests of a person

In this scenario, seeking the help of an experienced and qualified career counselor becomes necessary who can assist in discovering your potential and aptitude and accordingly suggest the right course……
Career counselor usually employ through scientific testing of three factors – aptitude, interest and personality. These aspects help these counselors in deciding the right career path for a student. With an increase in the number of opportunities in the market, the importance of career counseling has also increased manifold. People have begun to realize the fact that not all can become engineers or doctors and started exploring other fields depending on their talent and interest in alternate domains.

Benefits of career counseling
Approaching a career counselor is essential when you are not sure about choosing a suitable career option. Selecting a career option determines your course of life. While a good decision at the right point of time can make your life pleasant, a wrong one can ruin it. Remember that these decisions are irreversible. In case of dilemma, it is also better to take professional help. Career counseling is probably the best option in this.
Otherwise it is quite normal that students fail to figure out, what they want to do in near future. Career guidance from right person could really help you to figure out perfect career for you.

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