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Know yourself for a better tomorrow

Some instructions during the test :-
1) Appear the test on Laptop or Desktop only.
2) Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
3) When you attempt your test, please do not use paper, pencil or calculator.
4) Be completely relaxed during the test.
5) You can opt to solve one module and get to the other module after a break. For this, all you need to do is log out and log in with the same ID and you will be able to start right where you stopped.
6) Once you complete your test, we will call you and fix up the report and counseling session.
7) Please do not contemplate your answers.
8) Choose your current standard as your qualification while you register, that will ensure that you land up in the right test.
9) There is no academic syllabus for this test. Therefore, there is no preparation required for the same.
Please do call Bhumika Gijare on +91-9589205399 or mail at info@bfuturistic.com for your test report and in case of any difficulty during the test.
Wishing you the very best for the career assessment program.

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